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Oral surgery may sound scary, but most procedures are very commonplace. These procedures aim to improve the appearance, function, and health in and around your mouth. They can address issues that range from periodontal (gum) disease to cosmetic concerns of patients. This can help patients not only maintain their oral health but preserve a smile they can love. 

At Union City Oral Surgery Group, our priorities are your priorities. While oral surgery procedures are similar, we understand that each patient and their oral health are completely unique. We ensure patient satisfaction by committing to our personalized and customizable approach to treatment and diagnosis. Oral health is crucial to our overall health, and Union City Oral Surgery Group is determined to help our patients reach their oral health and cosmetic goals. 

What Are the Different Types of Oral Surgery?

There are many different types of oral surgery, including: 

For oral health issues that go beyond the expertise of a general dentist, it’s important to consult oral surgeons with the additional education and experience necessary for oral surgery procedures.

9 Facts to Know About Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons are experts that perform dental surgeries that improve a patient’s oral health and address cosmetic goals. A few facts about oral surgery are listed below.

  • Oral surgeons can remove wisdom teeth
  • Oral surgeons can correct issues associated with having a cleft palate
  • Oral surgeons restore missing teeth (typically with dental implants)
  • Oral surgeons can reduce migraines, TMJ, and overbites
  • Oral surgeons perform facial reconstruction surgery
  • Oral surgeons can remove benign tumors from the mouth that have traumatic effects on the oral cavity 
  • Root canal therapy is a common surgical procedure performed by oral surgeons
  • Oral surgeons can implant dental bridges
  • Oral surgeons perform facial cosmetic procedures (including chin and ear surgery)

It can be scary to receive treatment from someone other than your trusted and well-known general dentist. However, your general dentist will be the first to refer you to an established oral surgeon if needed because they understand the importance of having the correct provider address your concerns. 

3 Myths About Oral Surgery

Oral surgical procedures are pretty standard. However, people tend to feel afraid when they hear the word “surgery,” which can lead to some misconceptions. Here are three common oral surgery myths and what the facts actually are.

Myth 1: All Oral Surgeries are Painful

Pain is not an easily quantifiable thing, as every patient has varying tolerances to pain. However, many standard oral surgery procedures are not classified as painful. Before these procedures, oral surgeons typically administer anesthetics, so there’s little pain during the procedure. Patients are more likely to experience pain after the procedure when the anesthetic wears off, but they’re also generally prescribed post-operation medication to alleviate pain.

Myth 2: Surgical Anesthesia is Not Safe

Many dental patients can find themselves worried about the safety of the anesthetics that are administered before an oral surgical procedure. However, the scariest part of anesthetics is often the needle that is used to administer the anesthetic. The actual anesthetics being used have gone through rigorous testing with low odds of negative reactions. Furthermore, oral surgeons are required to receive additional training for the safe delivery and use of anesthetics and sedatives, which is why they can perform more complicated procedures that general dentists are unable to perform.

Myth 3: Recovery After Surgery Takes a Long time

Most oral surgeries don’t put patients out of commission for a long time. The average recovery time for many of these procedures is about three days. Of course, a patient’s recovery time heavily depends on the patient, but recovery doesn’t traditionally take too long. 

Signs You May Need Oral Surgery

There may be some pretty obvious signs that you could need oral surgery. For instance, if you have pain in the gums, teeth, or jaw that is so bad that it keeps you up at night or makes it difficult to eat, it may be time to visit an oral surgeon. However, not all signs of oral health concerns are as obvious or appear to be urgent. If you’re in between visits to your dentist, it could help to keep the following in mind, as they may indicate a need for oral surgery.

  • Loose tooth: An untreated loose tooth can become a real issue that prevents future procedures that could improve a patient’s oral health.
  • Impacted teeth: Signs that it may be time to have your wisdom teeth extracted include persistent pain, swelling, fever, or signs of infection near the wisdom teeth. 
  • Sleep and breathing concerns: While sleep apnea or other sleep disorders can be managed with CPAP devices or dental appliances, these solutions aren’t always effective, meaning a patient may have to consider a surgical solution.
  • Facial infections: While occasional swelling or pain in the jaw, neck, or face can happen, if it’s persistent or intolerable, it may be time to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. 
  • Jaw pain or misalignment: Visible jaw misalignment should be an indicator that it’s time to visit an oral surgeon who can correct the alignment to improve function and aesthetics.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ): TMJ is a dysfunction of the diminutive joint in front of the ear, right where the lower jaw and skull meet. Persistent facial pain and headaches could be signs of TMJ.

When it comes to your oral health, it’s important to be educated and aware of your options. Our oral surgeons in Westfield can help make sure you walk away with improved oral health that helps with functionality and ensures you can enjoy your smile. 

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It can be scary to need oral surgery, which is why at Union City Oral Surgery Group, we go out of our way to ensure our patients feel confident and comfortable before, during, and after their procedures. Our practice is committed to providing our clients with the best of the best. We go the extra mile to ensure our patients achieve their cosmetic and oral health goals. 

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