We strive to provide patients with outstanding personal care using the latest surgical procedures. We set ourselves apart by being there for our patients before, during, and after their surgical experience.


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At the end of the day, we want to make sure you walk out of our office satisfied. You are our top priority.

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We ensure you receive the best possible treatment using the latest in dental technology.

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We offer the highest level of treatment for patients with oral or facial problems to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

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We aim to bring an exceptional experience to our patients. Through our maxillofacial care using the most up-to-date instruments and technology, we strive to create an entirely new surgical experience.

By being there for our patients, before, during, and after their surgeries, our office is unmatched when it comes to patient care. We base our practice on integrity and will always make our patients’ needs our top priority.

Meet Dr. Nancy Herbst, DDS

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Our Latest Testimonials

Jose Reyes

My experience was amazing. Great service and exceptional staff. They were very helpful and kind through my whole process. They answered all my questions with patience and I would recommend this place every time.


Kelvin Morales

Doctor and Staffs are just astonishing at their career. You will NOT regret going to this location to get any work done. They even followed up with me the next day to see how i feeling and doing. Thanks ANA,Linda and, DR.Nancy if can rate more than a 5 STAR ill go with a 10 Star 🙂

Sanjay Patel

WOW !! What a wonderful doctor !! Very nice & friendly office specially Ana and Linda !! I was nervous to have procedure and she was very knowledgeable !! Totally recommend her to all my friends !!

Ramon Melendez

Exceptional service, amazing staff. It’s been a while since I seen a group of people work this effortlessly together. Thank you!

Dana H.

I used Dr. Herbst to have two wisdom teeth pulled. I am very nervous about going to the dentist, but the staff really helped me relax and the procedure was surprisingly pain-free. Dr. Herbst explained everything very well and when I had a question a few days later she got right back to me and was very helpful. I highly recommend her for any dental surgery. Thank you!

Nicole L.

My sister’s friend recommended here. The doctor and coordinators were so nice. I got scared but they cared really gently. Service and People are very good!


I would like to thank Dr. Herbst and all of the staff at Union City Oral Surgery Group for the excellent care that I received yesterday.
I know I’m a big baby for someone my age and stature when it comes to any dental procedure, especially a Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction.
You all made me feel as comfortable as possible considering my Horror story dental history. I can’t thank you enough.
You are my only choice, should I ever require dental surgery in the future.

Jose Reyes

Mi experiencia fue increíble. Excelente servicio y personal excepcional. Fueron muy serviciales y amables durante todo mi proceso. Respondieron a todas mis preguntas con paciencia y recomendaría este lugar cada vez.

Dana H.

Utilicé al Dr. Herbst para extraerle dos muelas del juicio. Estoy muy nervioso por ir al dentista, pero el personal realmente me ayudó a relajarme y el procedimiento fue sorprendentemente sin dolor. La Dra. Herbst explicó todo muy bien y cuando tuve una pregunta unos días más tarde, me respondió y fue muy útil. La recomiendo altamente para cualquier cirugía dental. ¡Gracias!

Aissa Maiga

My expiereince was great. Being that I am an anxious person I walked in very scared but the nurses as well as the doctor made me as comfortable as possible and I was in and out of the chair within 30 minutes. I would definitely come back here for any other procedures.

Millie Rodriguez

Katiria was one of the main reasons I chose to go here.  She was so helpful and friendly and took the extra time to help me get my appt. It helped me have a very short wait time to see Dr. Herbst so thank’s Katiria!!! Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the names but this staff made me feel very special and gave me something I haven’t seen in a long time: friendliness and that good old Southern charm I miss so much! She told me she knew I was apprehensive and would do her best to make me feel comfortable. She absolutely did!!!!  I will be back! It was a rough day but Dr. Herbst did her best to help me get through it. Dr. Herbst’s my hero!

Karen Encalada

They really make you feel at home in this office. From the friendly staff to the snacks offered and the doctor herself, there is no other office that can top this. I strongly recommend others to have their wisdom teeth removed here.

Terrell Hicks

Excellent DDS!! I was reluctant of getting my wisdom tooth extracted but Dr Herbst made the entire experience a breeze! She’s very patient and caring. The entire procedure was quick and painless. She’s definitely a winner and I’ll be back again along with the people I’ve recommended her to. Thanks Dr. H!

Andrea Aguirre

I would highly recommend going here, it was my first time here and I will definitely be coming back if need be necessary in the future. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and went under local anesthesia- Dr. Nancy Herbst was so kind and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable and at ease. Great doctor!

Rutvik Patel

Thank you so much for the previous reviews. My dad had his two wisdom tooth taken out and he experienced a painless and very caring surgery. I recommend this Group to everyone who needs this treatment. They even called the other day to ask how’s my dad feeling. The staff is really caring and the doctor is absolutely perfect.

Alex Gulino

I never (in my life!) thought I’d be happy to see an oral surgeon, but here we are. Dr. Herbst & her staff are absolutely amazing. They are professional and caring. They truly put me at ease (which is no easy task when it comes to me & oral surgery.) These are the greatest bunch of folks you would ever want to work with. Thank you, Union City Oral Surgery Group!!!!

Sebastian DeSanta

Amazing service and staff Dr.Herbst performed an excellent job removing my wisdom teeth. I am planning on recommending her and her staff to all my friends and associates. Thank you so much!

Trini Taccad

I was really feeling nervous before the surgery, but Dr.Herbst explained to me everything and I felt comfortable with the whole process. All four of my 3rd molars were extracted and took only about almost 50mins in total. I highly recommend Dr.Herbst to my fellow colleagues and relatives.

Diana Freire

Wow, I have to say my surgery went so amazing. I woke up in no pain at all like that when I got my last 2 wisdom teeth out. Not even my face looks that swollen. Props to this beautiful and sweet doctor :). I’m so glad I got it done by her, no regrets what so ever. I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten. Wish I got to keep my last 2 teeth but overall this is the place to go to get your oral surgery done. Recommend ✅


Best dentist I have ever had!
Understanding and dedication exceeds any other office. I was struggling to find a dentist especially one I can trust to make me feel that after whatever procedure or surgery I undergo I will be ok. When I got the reference to go see Dr. Herbst- made an appointment- and was told all the information with all my questions answered I knew she was the right dentist. Then on top the dedication she puts in to assure your healing process is going well, the check ups from the staff, the friendliness and support shown from people I barely know really stand out that I choose the right doctor and group to go to.


Without a doubt the best experience of my life. Dr. Herbst is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have met her. Her passion for what she does and her patients is so incredible and inspiring, I just wish there were more out there like her. I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone there is literally no one better. I’ve never been to a place where there was such dedication, kindness, support, friendliness, trust and most of all comfort. Inside the office or even on the phone there love and compassion never fails to shine. To Dr. Herbst and all the stuff thank you from the bottom of my heart for all u have done.

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Union City Oral Surgery Group has been recognized as one of the Top Oral Surgeons by New Jersey Monthly Magazine.


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