Oral Cancer Causes, Detection, And Treatment

Since the mouth usually is seen frequently as a prominent part of the human body, oral cancer is often be identified early on. Conducting a self-oral examination habitually will screen for cancer, ensuring your safety and bettering your chances for a cure, if diagnosed

Oral Cancer Causing Factors

According to research, there are numerous factors that could contribute to causing oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol are by far the leading cause. Incorrectly fitting dentures, a rugged exterior surface of teeth, and most notably, horrible oral hygiene and poor nutrition are often common denominators between oral cancer patients. Continuing infections can also give rise to cancer in the mouth, and a combination of these components typically makes things much worse.

Cigarette smokers are four times more likely of dying due to oral cancer than nonsmokers are. In the realm of medicine, it’s also believed that the creation of heat due to the combustion of pipes, cigars, cigarettes, or anything smokeable irks the mouth, leading to a much higher chance of lip cancer.

Heavy smokers and drinkers, and even smokeless tobacco users carry the highest risk of anyone, especially those who are over 40 years old.

Perform a Monthly Self-Exam

It is recommended by oral and maxillofacial surgeons to conduct an oral self-check-up at least once a month in order to check for cancer or infection. This is especially recommended for those who regularly drink and use tobacco, who are usually considered at high risk for cancers of the mouth and throat region. On top of that, if you are considered being at high risk, it is recommended to see a dentist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon for an exam at least once per year.

Oral self-examinations can be easily carried out with the use of a mirror and a flashlight

Here’s how to do it:

  • remove dentures, if applicable
  • feel and look at the outside of your gums, inside your lips
  • move your chin up, open your mouth and examine the your mouth’s roof
  • drag each cheek from the outside and take a look at the inside of each side of the mouth
  • stick our your tongue, inspect the all-around – including underneath
  • feel each side of your neck and lower jaw to inspect for any enlarged glands or lumps protruding

The Best Chance for a Cure? Early Discover and Immediate Treatment

When doing your oral self-check-up, be sure to carefully search for these:

  • having trouble swallowing
  • having trouble chewing
  • lump in the neck region
  • large lump in mouth
  • chronic and irritable hoarseness of throat
  • a spot or sore which bleeds often and does not heal
  • red patches in mouth (Erythroplakia)
  • white patches of tissue in mouth (Leukoplakia)
  • white and red patches in mouth (Erythroleukoplakia)

If you notice any suspicious physical attributes in your mouth region, like those listed above, it is important to speak with your oral and maxillofacial surgeon as soon as possible. The surgeon will typically suggest that a biopsy is performed. When conducting a biopsy, the surgeon will remove a small portion of the mouth from the presumptively dangerous area. The mouth sample will then be sent a pathology lab in order to examine it microscopically, which in turn, will provide an accurate diagnosis. From there, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will be able to create a precise treatment strategy for you.

Importance of Oral Care

It’s incredibly critical to not ignore any suspect sores or lumps in the mouth. If you find something, a proactive response will give you the best chance for a complete recovery. Call your local oral and maxillofacial surgeon as soon as possible for an immediate examination by a trained professional. 2018 Jersey Choice Top Dentist Nancy Herbst has over 25 years of experience in oral surgery. Contact Dr. Herbst’s office today at (201) 354-6452 to schedule your oral care appointment.

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