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Why Is an Implant-Supported Bridge Better Than Traditional?

Dental bridge

When you have multiple neighboring teeth that are missing, a dental bridge can help quickly restore the natural look and function of your smile. Having a gap in your teeth can not only cause feelings of insecurity, but may also make doing everyday activities, like eating and talking, more difficult. Gone untreated, it can also cause your teeth to start to shift, your gums to recede, and your jawbone to weaken. 

Dental bridges come in two forms: implant-supported and traditional. Depending on the specifics of your mouth and the current status of your oral health, your oral surgeon can lean either direction. Given you are a good candidate, implant-supported bridges can result in more flexible and longer-lasting results than their traditional counterparts. To see how beneficial an implant-supported bridge could be for you, schedule a consultation with a professional oral surgeon at Union City Oral Surgery Group today. 

Why an Implant-Supported Bridge May Be Better Than the Traditional Method

Not every medical method works for everyone, and the same goes for dental implant methods. For those considering a dental bridge and cannot decide between implant-supported or traditional, Union City Oral Surgery Group has put together a guide on the specific benefits of utilizing implant-supported bridges:

More Flexible

An implant-supported bridge offers the patient more wiggle room when it comes to keeping natural, healthy teeth in place and undisturbed. Implant-supported bridges see the usage of two dental implants, meaning you do not have to rely on having any remaining healthy teeth. This can be particularly comforting or convenient for those who have been affected by gum disease or for those who have had teeth extracted. From this point, the titanium posts will be installed on both sides of the missing teeth. 

Once that area has healed, crowns will be put into place, forming a bridge from post to post. Unlike the traditional method, your implants will not need to be modified or shaved down in any capacity. 

Lasts Longer

Dental implants, when placed into a healthy jawbone, actually are able to stimulate healthy growth in the same way a natural dental root can. This helps to preserve both volume and density, allowing your implant-supported bridge to last a significantly longer time than the traditional method. Traditional dental bridges have a lifespan of roughly 15 years, though it may vary depending on the person. On the other hand, if your implants are taken care of properly, they can potentially be permanent additions to your mouth. Treatment regimens include daily brushing, flossing, and regular visits to dental professionals for cleanings. 

Both implant-supported and traditional bridges do a great job of replicating the natural look and function of your regular teeth. If your crowns experience any discoloration, chipping, or other form of damage, your oral surgeon can replace them without having to disturb the actual implant post. 

Receive a Professional Examination and Discuss Your Options Today

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