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If you see your dentist about tooth, gum, or jaw pain, they may refer you to an oral surgeon depending on the severity of your issue. An oral surgeon is a specialist that undergoes three to four years of additional training after dental school to perform surgical procedures on the head, neck, face, and mouth. If you need oral surgery, it’s essential to find a surgeon who will put your health first and support you every step. At Union City Oral Surgery Group, we work with you to meet your needs and renew your confidence in your smile. 

Regardless of your circumstances, we strive to leave you satisfied and comfortable throughout your experience in our relaxing and updated facilities. Our surgeons utilize the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure you receive top-notch care. With our consistent and transparent communication, you can have all your questions answered and fully understand the scope of your condition and treatment. 

What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

Oral surgeons have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat facial, mouth, and jaw conditions. They also perform the following procedures to correct any issues in these areas:

  • Tooth extraction: This is the most common type of oral surgery. It involves removing teeth from your mouth to preserve your other natural teeth and prevent further damage.
  • Dental bone graft: Surgeons typically perform this procedure to prepare for dental implants. It helps restore volume and density in the jaw to make a stronger foundation for the implants.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants are small, threaded posts that a surgeon embeds into the jaw to replace missing teeth.
  • Jaw surgery: This is a corrective surgery that fixes any jaw bone abnormalities, like misalignment or temporomandibular jaw dysfunction (TMJ).
  • Sleep apnea surgery: If the tissue in the back of your throat blocks your airway when you sleep, you may need an oral surgeon to remove and reposition that tissue to widen your airway.
  • Cleft lip and palate repair: Oral surgeons perform cleft lip and palate repair surgery to restore eating function and help the patient develop proper speech patterns.

We understand these procedures may be overwhelming to think about, but our highly-skilled specialists provide several types of anesthesia based on your conditions and comfort level. Furthermore, we support you before, during, and after surgery so you never feel alone and always know what to expect.

When Should You See an Oral Surgeon?

If your dentist does not have the training to treat your condition or the treatment you need is beyond their scope, they may recommend you see an oral surgeon. These specialists can treat many dental conditions, including the following:

An oral surgeon can help improve the overall functionality of your teeth, gums, and jaw so you can have a better quality of life. Our experienced oral surgeons have worked on all types of conditions, meaning we can help you develop a customized plan tailored to your needs based on the severity of your issue and your health history.

Why Choose Union City Oral Surgery Group?

When looking for an oral surgeon, it’s important to choose one that makes you feel comfortable and puts your well-being first. When working with the specialists at Union City Oral Surgery Group, you can rest assured you are in the best hands.

Excellent Service

Our top-notch care and support set us apart from other oral surgeons. We guide you through the entire oral surgery process, from pre-procedure preparation to post-operation aftercare. Your health is always our top priority, so we utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to give you the best care possible.

Affordable Care

If you need oral surgery, you may worry about the costs of treatment. We understand these concerns, so we provide several financing options to give you the highest quality, cost-effective care. Our professional specialists work with you to optimize your insurance reimbursements for your procedure.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Reliable Specialist at Union City Oral Surgery Group

Maintaining your oral health is essential to carrying out daily tasks like eating, chewing, and talking. Therefore, if you have a dental condition that causes discomfort, you should seek treatment right away to avoid any long-term, severe issues. Our oral surgeons at Union City Oral Surgery Group understand that every patient is different and requires unique solutions, so we will create personalized plans to help you feel confident in your smile.

Our compassionate team always puts you first and treats your condition with the utmost care and attention. We take every issue seriously so you always feel understood and informed. With the latest equipment and dental advances, you can rest assured you are getting the best care and results. If you need an oral surgeon, call (201) 601-9262 or fill out our contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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