Osseus Surgery

Osseous surgery (pocket depth reduction) is a recommended surgery for those who have overly deep gum pockets which are difficult to clean on your own at home. Sometimes, this procedure is necessary because routine care by your dentist gets hindered due to oversized tooth spaces.

Excessively deep gum tissue openings may lead to periodontal disease if left untreated. Your gums should fit tightly around your teeth and not have excess space for bacteria and infection to develop under the gum line.  

Osseous Surgery Combats Gum Disease

new jersey dental surgeryThe destruction of supporting gum tissues and jaw bone structure due to periodontal disease causes elongated gum pockets under your teeth. Eventually, they deepen and allow bacteria to thrive and form plaque, tarter, and other infection-causing elements. This brings on gum disease which brings on even more gum and bone loss. Osseous surgery may help reduce the need for extracting your teeth and prevent further damage by periodontitis.

Sometimes patients experience a recurrence in their gum disease because removing the bacteria wasn’t enough. Your oral surgeon understands that it is essential to keep your gum pockets minimal in size and close to the teeth. By maintaining the smaller size and practicing a proper daily oral routine, you will increase the likelihood of keeping your natural teeth. An oral surgeon’s regular care also increases the odds of keeping your smile intact and monitors you regularly for any signs of returning periodontal disease.

Osseous Surgery Process

Your oral surgeon will draw back part of your gum tissue to remove toxic bacteria before resecuring it to the surface of your tooth. Examination of the underlying bone will also take place to look for any signs of bone loss and to smooth out the uneven surface left behind by gum disease and bacteria. This helps ensure a snug fit to your tooth when reattachment occurs at the end of the procedure.

Swelling after surgery isn’t uncommon and applying ice on your face where you feel discomfort will bring relief. Sometimes, antibiotics get prescribed prior, during, and post-surgery to prevent any risk of further infection. You will have a follow-up appointment two weeks after surgery during which your oral surgeon will examine the surgical site and make sure your mouth heals properly.

Union City Osseous Surgery Providers

The best time to attack gum disease is early on because it prevents invasive treatment methods. This isn’t always possible, and osseous surgery may be needed if your periodontal disease is advanced or recurring due to overly deep gum pockets. Fortunately, advanced gum disease can be prevented and treated by an experienced oral surgeon.

Dr. Nancy Herbst has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry and was named one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists in 2016. She can perform an osseous surgery procedure which may help save your teeth and smile for years to come. Union City Oral Surgery will also help you to start a healthier oral care routine to prevent further gum disease from developing. Give us a call today at (201) 601-9262 to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your dental health needs with one of our experienced dental staff.

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