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What NOT to Eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

eat wisdom teeth

Now that you’re having your wisdom teeth removed at our Union City, NJ, office, you’re probably looking forward to spending a few days on the couch with a cool dish of ice cream in hand. It’s crucial to follow a soft food diet for one to two weeks after the surgery to aid in healing and minimize complications. Good! Give yourself time to heal, and choose foods that will be soothing and safe for your mouth as you recover. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself immediately after your surgery, and that includes suggesting the best menu options.

Type of Foods to Avoid After a Wisdom Teeth Removal

But while you’re making your post-wisdom teeth shopping list, there are several kinds of foods and beverages that should be crossed right off. If it’s small, spicy, sticky, steamy, or crumbly food, put it back on the shelf. Avoid crunchy and crumbly foods like chips, popcorn, and cookies, as these can negatively affect the extraction wound and slow down the healing process. Spirits? Not this round. Drinks with straws? Absolutely not. Items like these can undermine your healing and recovery.

Small and Crunchy

Any small particles, such as seeds, grains, or crumbly foods, or items like cookies, crackers, nuts, and popcorn which turn into small particles, can wind up lodged in the surgical site where your tooth was removed. It is important to avoid crunchy and crumbly foods like chips, popcorn, and cookies, as these can negatively affect the extraction wound and slow down the healing process. These particles can also interfere with the blood clot that forms to protect the socket as it heals. If the clot is dislodged, there is a chance that a painful condition called “dry socket” can develop.


Spicy and acidic foods can irritate delicate gum tissue. It’s best to wait until your gums are back to normal before uncapping the hot sauce.


Sticky, crunchy, and chewy foods can be hard on the extraction site, so stick to a soft diet, including soft foods and semi-soft foods, until you have healed. Now is the time to try all the pudding flavors!


Piping hot foods and drinks can interfere with the protective clot—ask us about the best time to resume your morning coffee.


Mixing pain medication and alcohol can be dangerous. Talk to Dr. Herbst about possible interactions. And some studies have suggested that alcohol use slows healing, so even without pain medication, it could be a good idea to wait until you are healed to toast your beautiful smile.


And last, but by no means least, leave the straws in their little paper wrappers! Any kind of suction brings a real risk of dislodging the protective blood clot that has formed at the surgical site. Milkshakes are delicious, but eat them with a spoon. (And please, no cigarettes!)

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Follow our suggestions for a soothing, safe diet, and you will be enjoying your regular menu favorites in no time. Remember to include nutritious foods that are easy to chew and rich in nutrients to aid in your recovery. So rest, relax, eat sensibly, and enjoy that second bowl of ice cream. Doctor’s orders! If you or your loved one are in need of a wisdom tooth extraction, don’t hesitate to contact our wisdom teeth extraction surgeon for help. Our Union City Oral Surgery Group is here to help you. Call us at 201-601-9262 to schedule an appointment or fill out a contact form.