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How to Tell if You Are Living With an Infected Tooth

Woman Suffering From Toothache

Are you experiencing sensitivity in your gums when eating hot or cold food? Are you finding it difficult to use a straw? If so, there is a high chance you are currently battling an infected tooth. This bacteria buildup can make eating, chewing, and even speaking difficult, and it can be quite painful. 

A tooth infection will not go away without medical treatment from a dental professional. The team of oral surgeons at Union City Oral Group is here to help with any complications or pains you may be experiencing. We understand how daunting receiving oral care can be, so we are here to provide a quick, easy, and painless experience. 

Ways to Tell If You Are Living With an Infected Tooth

When it comes to identifying an infected tooth, there are many warning signs and symptoms to look out for. These can include the following: 

  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages
  • Pain while chewing, biting, speaking, or using a straw
  • Swelling of the face or jaw
  • A cyst on your gums
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

Ultimately, the only way to confirm you are living with an infected tooth is through a professional diagnosis. Your oral surgeon can help perform a comprehensive oral exam and consultation to pinpoint the cause of your pain. There are many potential root causes of a tooth infection, with the most common being improper maintenance and cleaning. This can cause the bacteria in your mouth, known as plaque, to build up. When left undisturbed by flossing and brushing, the plaque will harden into tartar and can cause gum disease, tooth infection, and rot. 

How an Infected Tooth Is Treated

Once your infection has been diagnosed, your oral surgeon will immediately begin a plan of treatment. This treatment can vary depending on the cause of your infection. The goal of your surgeon is not just to treat the individual tooth, but to heal your mouth, gums, and teeth. For example, if your infection is the direct result of a gum disease, the disease will need to be treated in conjunction with the infection in order to ensure you don’t run the risk of reinfection. 

Your oral surgeon can perform a variety of surgical procedures and cleanings to help remove the infection. This can include a root canal, a draining of the abscess, an extraction, or antibiotics. Once the rot and infected parts of the tooth and gum have been removed and healed, your surgeon can begin restoring the natural look and function of your mouth. With a root canal, patients will also often require a dental crown to help match the look and size of the surrounding teeth. 

Schedule Your Examination With a Dedicated Oral Surgeon Today

Embracing a beautiful, confident smile is a journey we’re thrilled to embark on with you at Union City Oral Surgery Group. Our mission is to offer accessible, individualized, and innovative services to our local community. We will begin with a comprehensive examination of your oral health, coupled with a consultation to explore your unique treatment options and desired results. Following this, our dedicated team of experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons will design a tailored action plan and dive into providing the care you deserve.

We completely understand the apprehension that often accompanies oral health concerns and the prospect of surgical procedures to treat your tooth infection. Rest assured, we’re here with you every step of the way, offering unwavering support and guidance. To take the first step toward your brighter smile, don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation by calling our office at (201) 601-9262 or through our online contact form.