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What Are the Consequences of Failing to Replace Missing Teeth?

missing tooth

An avulsed tooth, or one that has fallen out due to an accident or gum disease, should not go unreplaced. Not only can you feel self-conscious about your smile, but it can also result in negative side effects regarding your mouth’s overall functionality. When a missing tooth goes unreplaced, the lack of force and pressure from your former tooth can result in an imbalance. This can cause your other teeth to shift toward the gap, your gums to become infected or recede, and your jawbone to weaken. 

When you lose a natural tooth, it is important to schedule an examination with an oral surgeon or dental professional as soon as possible. They can help target the underlying cause of your tooth avulsion and devise a plan of action to treat it and replace your tooth to restore your mouth’s natural balance and function. Union City Oral Surgery Group has proudly served New Jersey’s oral needs for many years now and would love to do the same for you. 

2 Consequences of Failing to Replace Missing Teeth

When a tooth falls out due to rot or facial trauma, you are left with a gap in your mouth and gums. This can result in consequences that affect the way you speak, bite, and chew. Two examples of negative side effects when you fail to replace your missing teeth include: 

Weakened Bones

Your jawbone is composed of living tissue. Your tooth exerts a natural pressure on this bone, which in turn keeps it healthy and strong. When you have a tooth removed, this force is lost and in turn, your jawbone can begin to weaken and experience a loss in density. Weakened jawbones make it difficult to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant, as most implants are placed directly into the bone. 

Shifting Teeth

The new gap in your mouth can result in the misalignment and shifting of your other teeth toward the newly empty space. This process can be expedited if your tooth loss is due to gum disease, which can also result in infected gums and gum recession. This can make your other teeth wobbly, crooked, and also affect the way you bite down and chew your food. 

How an Oral Surgeon Can Help 

An oral surgeon can help treat the cause of your tooth loss as well as restore the natural look and function of your mouth. Everyone’s plan of treatment will look different, but can entail the following procedures and processes: 

  • Professional cleaning
  • Gum contouring
  • Bone or gum grafting
  • Professional tooth extraction 
  • Dental implant
  • Tooth straightening

By healing your mouth of any pre-existing conditions and restrengthening your jawbone, your oral surgeon is giving your new implant a solid foundation to become a permanent fixture in your mouth for years to come. By replacing your missed tooth, you are giving your bone, your gums, and your other teeth a shot at restoring their natural look and function. 

Contact a Dedicated Dental Professional About Your Restorative Dentistry Options Today

Union City Oral Surgery Group is proud to offer restorative and cosmetic dental procedures for all of your potential dental needs. This includes the replacement of your missing teeth and the procedures that accompany it. We are prepared to help treat your mouth of all existing conditions using our state-of-the-art facility and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our goal is to have you leave our services with a smile you are proud of and eager to maintain. 

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