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Why Is There a Need for Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

Tooth and dental instruments

When you are set to receive a dental implant or any other form of dental restoration, it is likely you will need to have pre-prosthetic surgery performed. These procedures are meant to help prepare your mouth for whatever route of dental restoration you will be receiving, such as an implant or dentures.

There are many different kinds of pre-prosthetic surgery, all of which have the goal of creating a healthy and sturdy area for which to continue your restorative work. If you are currently looking to treat your missing teeth and feel like you would be a good candidate for a dental restoration and its required pre-prosthetic work, your best option is to contact a dedicated oral and maxillofacial surgeon today. The team at Union City Oral Surgery Group is happy to talk you through your options and help devise a unique plan of action for your specific goals. 

Benefits of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

The benefits of pre-prosthetic surgery are a healthy, sturdy, and comfortable area for your dental restorations to call home. The goal of the surgeries is to ensure that your implants will be long-lasting or that your dentures fit snugly into your mouth. Many times, if your oral surgeon were to go straight into fitting you with dentures, you would still have underlying health conditions or would experience discomfort and inhibited chewing, biting, and speaking. 

While pre-prosthetic surgery adds a little time to the process, the extra effort is worth it in the long run. Having your oral surgeon rebuild any bone loss or smooth your gums can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your dentures or implants in the future. 

Different Kinds of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

There are many different types of pre-prosthetic surgery, each with a specific end goal and purpose. Common examples include: 

  • Bone smoothing: Tooth removal or avulsion can result in ragged bone. Your oral surgeon can help smooth and reshape the area to a more natural and comfortable shape. 
  • Removing excess bone: Growths or abnormal bone development can easily be removed so that it does not get in the way of any restorative work. 
  • Ridge augmentation: This is a bone graft to help rebuild any weakened bone or tissue. 
  • Vestibuloplasty: This procedure helps build up an insufficient alveolar ridge.
  • Extractions: Your oral surgeon may need to professionally extract any compacted or injured teeth. 

Depending on the reason for your restorative work, your oral surgeon may recommend more than one form of pre-prosthetic surgical procedure. Afterward, there will be a recovery period where your mouth will heal fully before being fitted for a dental replacement or worked on more. Your oral surgeon can help talk you through your specific course of treatment and any necessary steps to take beforehand, such as the pausing of a specific medication. 

Speak With a Knowledgeable Oral Surgeon Today

Everyone deserves a smile they are proud of. At Union City Oral Surgery Group, our goal is to provide cost-effective, personalized, and innovative services to our local community, including you. We will begin the process with a thorough examination of your mouth and a consultation to discuss your specific goals and desired outcomes. From there, our skilled team of surgeons will prepare your unique plan of action and get to work on your treatment. 

We understand the inherent overwhelming nature of oral health complications and being told that you need to have surgical work completed, which is why we will be there by your side through every step of the process. To get started today, schedule your consultation by calling our office at (201) 601-9262 or using our online contact form.