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Why Do Teeth Break?

Cracked tooth

Smiles are powerful. Not only can they light up a room, but they also help you breathe, eat, and speak properly. When a broken tooth mars a radiant smile, it can be painful and harm your confidence. Your teeth may seem strong and invincible, but they are not impervious to damage. Many factors from genetics to your diet can impact the durability of your teeth. If you have a broken tooth, an experienced oral surgeon can help restore your smile and overall health. 

At Union City Oral Surgery Group, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their smile and oral health goals in a comfortable and innovative setting. We pride ourselves on prioritizing our patient’s safety and comfort and will do everything in our power to ensure you leave our office completely satisfied. Our founder, Dr. Nancy Herbst, has over 25 years of experience treating patients and can apply her expertise to treat your unique concerns. 

Top 5 Reasons Teeth Break

Understanding why teeth break can protect your oral health and keep your mouth intact. A few common reasons your teeth may chip, crack, or break include:

Genetic Factors

Like other genetic traits, tooth strength is not the same for every person, and individuals have various dental enamel and dentin strengths. Dentinogenesis imperfecta is a genetic condition that occurs when the dentin – the middle layer of your tooth – doesn’t grow properly. Amelogenesis imperfecta is a genetic condition that occurs when the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel, is not fully formed. Both conditions can make your teeth weaker and more prone to breaks.

Sugary or Acidic Foods

If you eat acidic foods like citrus fruits or vinegar regularly, it can weaken your enamel. Acidic beverages, like wine or energy drinks, can also be harmful. If you routinely eat foods high in acid or sugar, it is essential to practice meticulous oral hygiene. 

Teeth Grinding 

Clenching and grinding your teeth can stress the enamel and may cause it to crack and erode over time. While this may not lead to cracked or chipped teeth right away, this slow wearing down of your enamel can result in several breaks at one time.

Bite Problems

If your bite is uneven due to jaw disorders like temporomandibular joint disorder, your bite may place uneven pressure on some of your teeth, causing them to chip and crack. Having misaligned teeth can also lead to an uneven bite. Some teeth might be positioned to bear the brunt of your bite force, while others are set to support, making some teeth more susceptible to fracture. 

Chain Reactions

Your teeth work in harmony to tackle biting and chewing. Ideally, they distribute the force evenly between them. However, when one tooth breaks, the forces get redistributed among the other teeth, throwing off alignment and the distribution of pressure. In other words, after one tooth cracks, you might see a chain reaction among your surrounding teeth.

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