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How to Know If an All-on-4 Procedure Is Right for You

all on 4 dental procedure

Being in the market for a dental implant can bring about a variety of questions. What’s your desired timeframe for healing? How many teeth do you want or need replaced? Which option fits into your budget? For those looking to have an entire arch of teeth replaced, you may run across the All-on-4 procedure as an option. Offered as a permanent alternative to dentures, All-on-4 has risen in popularity as a cost-effective and quick dental procedure. 

If you are actively considering dental implants as a form of restorative or cosmetic dentistry, it is best you consult with a dedicated oral surgeon first. They can use their expertise to guide you toward the best solution for your oral health needs. The team at Union City Oral Surgery Group will even help discuss the cost and work with your insurance company to get you the most out of your reimbursement as possible. 

What Is the Process For an All-on-4 Procedure?

A dental arch is the curved structure that commonly houses four incisors, two canine teeth, four molar teeth, the jaw bone, and the supporting gums. When you lose your teeth in that arch due to gum disease, infection, an injury, or a congenital disease, you may be looking at the need for implants and other possible restorative procedures. The All-on-4 procedure is a technique used to prevent the patient from having to sit through multiple implant surgeries and instead replaces the entire arch in one procedure. 

Instead of replacing every individual tooth, the All-on-4 instead uses only four dental implants as anchors. These implants will be placed into your upper or lower jawbone and used as posts for a fixed bridge of dentures. This allows you to bypass the need for bone grafts, months of healing, and temporary dentures. After four to six months, once the surrounding gum and jaw bone has healed, your oral surgeon will perfect the permanent bridge to reflect any changes in your gum or bone. Additionally, they may help modify any desired aesthetic changes. 

Benefits of the All-on-4 Procedure

The All-on-4 procedure offers a faster, cheaper, and less painful option for those in need of multiple dental implants. For those considering dentures, the All-on-4 is a more permanent solution that actually allows you to replicate the natural bite and chew of your natural teeth. Removable dentures do not provide the stability necessary to fully operate your mouth and jaw as you can after you’ve healed from the All-on-4 procedure. Additional perks include: 

  • It can be completed in a single procedure
  • It is more comfortable than dentures
  • It allows for minimally-invasive surgical techniques
  • It is long-lasting
  • It only requires general oral health maintenance 
  • It can be done without bone grafting

Instead of sitting through months of painful individual dental implant procedures and healing periods, ask your oral surgeon about how the All-on-4 procedure could benefit you today. 

Speak to an Oral Surgeon From Union City Oral Surgery Group Now

Dental implants are a good way to restore the natural function of your mouth and jaw. Additionally, they can drastically improve your overall self confidence and give you a smile you’re proud of. Don’t wait another day to speak to a professional from Union City Oral Surgery Group about your best options moving forward today. We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art facility with new technology and a qualified team ready to provide you with minimally-invasive procedures. 

Get the process started today and speak to a dedicated oral surgeon about the All-on-4 procedure by filling out a contact form or by calling (201) 601-9262.