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How Oral Surgeons Treat Issues Affecting Your Smile

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Being dissatisfied or embarrassed of your smile is a difficult obstacle to maneuver. Everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable when expressing joy or happiness. Whether it’s due to a missing tooth, a “gummy” smile, or because of the side effects of gum disease, most issues affecting the status of your smile are easily fixable with the help of a professional oral and maxillofacial surgeon. 

Trained as professional dentists and then as expert surgeons, oral surgeons are qualified to quickly and painlessly remedy any oral health issue you may be currently facing. The team at Union City Oral Surgery Group has come from across the nation to practice in an optimal facility with the most current and innovative technology available. To see how we can best help you today, review the possible remedies below and give our office a call. 

4 Possible Routes to Treat Issues Affecting Your Smile

When it comes to treating the issues currently plaguing your smile, there comes first the task of identifying the root cause. Is it a missing tooth? The damage of periodontitis? Are you still currently navigating a gum disease? After that has been identified with an initial consultation and examination, your oral surgeon will likely recommend one of the following solutions: 

Dental Implant

With synthetic material strong enough to last a lifetime, dental implants can be a permanent solution to a missing, damaged, or extracted tooth. After the procedure has been completed and the area has healed, your implant can be treated as a regular tooth. You will need to clean it and care for it the same way, but you won’t have to worry about losing it to corn on the cob or gum. 

Dental implants will not only positively impact your self-confidence, but they will also positively impact your overall oral health. A sturdy implant will help prevent your other teeth or sinuses from shifting while also decreasing the likelihood of gum disease. 


If you have a damaged tooth that is cause for embarrassment or pain, an extraction will likely be performed. Extractions are quick and painless, and can often be done in conjunction with a bone graft. A bone graft is done to prevent the empty socket from caving in on itself and to also help repair any damaged bone. 

Once the socket has been healed, you can proceed with a dental implant to fill the empty socket. A large gap between your teeth can not only be unappealing visually, but also increase the chance of having food caught in your gums. 

Sinus Augmentation 

When periodontitis or gingivitis goes untreated, your gums and your jawbones will begin to deteriorate and disintegrate. When this occurs, you run the risk of wobbly teeth and sagging sinuses. Your sinuses are pockets above your jawbone and cheekbones. When they lose the support of your bone, they will begin to naturally shift downwards. 

Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon can not only help repair the bone, but also restore the natural position of the sinus. 

Crown Lengthening

For those who deem their smiles to be “gummy,” a crown lengthening can help contour the natural shape of your gum and teeth. Often done to remove excess gum and expose more of the natural tooth underneath, crown lengthening is a fairly quick and permanent solution to a more visually appealing oral aesthetic. 

Discuss How a Qualified Oral Surgeon Can Help You Today

After your initial consultation and examination, your oral surgeon will discuss your desired outcomes and map out a plan of action. When you partner with Union City Oral Surgery Group, you are partnering with a team of experts who guarantee painless procedures, quicker healing times, and the most money possible back for your insurance reimbursement. 

For a free consultation today, please give our office a call at (201) 601-9262 or use our contact form.