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Gum Graft Surgery: Procedure and Recovery

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If your gums are thinning or receding from your teeth, one of the treatments available to fix this is called a gum graft. This surgery replaces the lost gum tissue so your teeth can stay protected, and it has a 90% success rate. Gum grafting can help improve your smile, prevent gum disease and cavities, and reduce tooth sensitivity. At Union City Oral Surgery Group, we understand that you may have anxiety about this surgery, so we will answer any questions you may have and prioritize your comfort as well. 

We provide open and transparent communication about dental procedures so you always know what to expect before, during, and after the process. With our state-of-the-art technology and painless procedures, you know you are getting the best treatment possible. Our experienced New Jersey specialists will also review your past oral history to develop a unique plan that suits your needs and ensures you have a smooth gum graft procedure and recovery.

What Happens During Gum Graft Surgery?

We will monitor your gums’ recession and consistently check their health to ensure a gum graft surgery is the right solution. Our compassionate specialists use a patient-first approach to guide you through every step of the procedure so you have complete clarity. While there are many techniques and materials available for gum graft surgery, the typical procedure involves the following steps:

  • Local anesthesia: First, we numb the targeted area with a local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable. We offer several types of anesthesia, which we can discuss with you before the procedure.
  • Prepare the area: Once the area is numb, we make an incision to create a flap in your gums and clean the roots of your teeth to prepare them for the graft.
  • Collect the graft: While we have multiple options for your gum graft, we often take it from the roof of your mouth. We make another incision in your palate and remove a small piece of inner tissue. Then, we close the site using stitches or protective material.
  • Place the graft: We place the tissue from your palate over the area where your gums recede.
  • Stitch into place: Finally, we place sutures over the new gum tissue to hold it in place. These stitches typically fall out on their own, but we may have to remove them in our offices.

This procedure often only lasts one to two hours, but depending on the number of grafts you need and the severity of your gum recession, it may take longer. We can assess your specific needs before the surgery, so you know how long the procedure will last. 

What Is the Recovery Process After Gum Graft Surgery?

You may experience bleeding, swelling, and general discomfort right after the gum graft. We will provide medications and other recommendations to reduce the pain as much as possible. During this initial recovery period, you can eat cool or soft foods, like yogurt and pudding. 

When brushing your teeth during recovery, you should avoid going over the grafted area. Using an antibacterial mouthwash also helps prevent infection. After the first week, you will see a reduction in swelling, and some potential bruising may appear. You can then also incorporate warm, soft foods, like pasta and cooked vegetables, into your diet. 

After one week, gently brush near the grafted area, as the swelling and bruising typically dissipate by this time. As your discomfort subsides, you can eat more solid foods. We will check in with you throughout your recovery and let you know when to reduce your medications, when you can start eating crunchy foods, and when you can fully brush the grafted area. Gum graft surgery affects everyone differently, but recovery typically lasts about two weeks.  

Speak With a Knowledgeable New Jersey Specialist at Union City Oral Surgery Group

Gum recession can be difficult to deal with, and it could lead to more severe issues like gum disease. One of the treatment options for this condition is gum graft surgery. While this is a common procedure, you may still have worries about the process and recovery. At Union City Oral Surgery Group, we understand the stress you may have about getting surgery, so we will do everything we can to make the process as comfortable as possible.

With our latest technology and procedures, you can trust us to restore your smile and bring back your confidence. We always have our patients’ interests in mind, and we take their past oral health and specific needs into account when developing treatment plans. For more information about gum graft surgery, call (201) 601-9262 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.