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Car Accident Dental Injuries: What Victims Need to Know

car accident dental injuries

The sweeping nature of a car accident can take much from its victims. Walking away from these accidents can see you face substantial medical bills, loss of property, and an inability to work. When the injuries you endure include traumatic dental injuries, you may even struggle to eat or contend with your daily oral health.

The good news is that victims of car accidents can pursue dental treatment with the help of local oral professionals. Union City’s team of experienced oral surgeons is standing by to work with you to address your post-accident care and ensure you receive the treatments you need.

Car Accident Dental Injuries Vary in Severity

The dental injuries you take away from a car accident can range in severity. A chipped tooth, for example, may not be as severe as a dislodged tooth or related injury. That said, our team takes all manner of injuries seriously, particularly in the wake of any additional health problems that you may be worried about.

The sooner you’re able to schedule an appointment with an emergency oral surgeon or your dentist in the wake of a car accident, the better. The more time a professional has to assess the state of your injury, the more likely it is that you may be able to preserve a tooth or your gums.

Note that, like traumatic brain injuries, some dental injuries may take time to reveal themselves. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to schedule a standard dentist appointment as soon as you can after a car accident, even if you don’t think you may be injured. Comprehensive inspections can qualify your findings and make sure you receive the treatment you need.

Car Accident Dental Injuries Can Cause Severe Infections

The longer you wait to treat a car accident dental injury, the more likely that injury is to become complex. Your mouth sees a significant percentage of your body’s germs on a daily basis, meaning that any injuries therein may be exposed to dangerous bacteria.

Should you find yourself contending with an infection on top of an injured tooth or gum damage, the treatments recommended for you may prove complicated and costly.

The best way to get ahead of these more complicated conditions and prevent more complex care is to address your injuries ASAP. You can work with an insurance provider to cover the cost of essential dental surgery.

How to Treat Car Accident Dental Injuries

The treatment recommended for a dental injury varies depending on the nature of that injury. For example, an oral surgeon may recommend putting a cap on a broken tooth. If the broken tooth shows signs of infection, an oral surgeon may instead recommend the tooth’s removal and replacement.

Should your injuries compromise your jaw bone or a nasal cavity, recommended treatment may become more invasive. You can discuss traditional means of addressing infected bones, fractured bones, and compromised nasal passages with your oral surgeon. There may be alternatives to invasive surgery available to you that can restore your overall health.

Contending With the Cost of Dental Surgery

There are many cases in which victims of car accidents may need to invest in false teeth. If you find yourself in need of a pair of dentures, your dentist and oral surgeon can connect you with the team that can fit you with the best pair.

The good news is that you may be able to file a civil complaint against the party responsible for your car accident. In that complaint, you can demand that a liable party help you cover the cost of your dental care in the wake of your accident.

You can discuss what actions may be available to you with a personal injury attorney. An oral surgeon may even have the opportunity to contribute to your case with details regarding your injuries. You will have to work quickly if you want to bring your losses to the attention of a judge, however, as your state’s statute of limitations places a deadline on your case.

Our Team Helps You Restore Your Oral Health After a Car Accident

Walking away from a car accident can leave you with a complicated recovery. If you’re contending with dental injuries on top of your other losses, let your dentist know. Our oral surgeons can collaborate with your dentist to establish a care plan meant to restore your oral health.

Victims of traumatic accidents have the right to comprehensive and quick oral care. For more information about how our services can benefit you in the wake of a car accident, you can contact our office. Union City Oral Health professionals are available at (201) 601-9262 as well as online.