What’s the Big Deal About Wisdom Teeth?

April 16, 2019 by Union City

When considering whether to remove your wisdom teeth or not, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons while recognizing the long-term complications these teeth can bring. At first, wisdom teeth don’t appear to be an issue. Quietly hidden away in your gums, it’s easy to forget they are there. Over time, as we mature and grow into adulthood, the risk for impaction, infection, and periodontal disease increases. Think about the below problems that unremoved wisdom teeth can bring:

  • Swelling and pain in the jaw
  • Irritated, bleeding, swollen gums
  • Impaction into your tooth structures
  • Bad breath
  • Bone and/or gum loss

Top Five Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth only highlight the larger dental issues and possible disease that may occur. There are many arguments in favor of having wisdom tooth extractions. Below, we highlight the top five reasons to remove your wisdom teeth:

Inflamed and infected gums and/or teeth. When there is limited space in your mouth for new teeth to breath through, impaction is a serious issue that may present itself. Gum disease and infection may develop and spread quickly under these conditions.  

Your mouth is overcrowded. Wisdom teeth have a difficult time erupting due to all the other teeth already in place within your mouth. This forceful and steady pressure may lead to misalignment and ruin your straight, beautiful smile.

They come in like a wrecking ball. Misalignment isn’t the only risk you face when these molars push their way into your mouth. It’s possible to experience bone loss or increased damage from cavities because of the infections, inflammation, or gaps their entrance cause.

Development of cysts and tumors. Tiny cysts and tumors may develop in the jawbone when a wisdom tooth becomes impacted. This creates joint pain and requires an experienced TMJ dental health professional to treat it.  

Cleanliness is difficult. Even if there is no obvious complication or pain after the eruption of these teeth, you may have future issues when cleaning them. Wisdom teeth rarely have a lot of room to work around, making it hard to brush or floss appropriately. This leads to poor hygiene in these tight locations of the mouth which creates a breeding ground for cavities and tartar.

Visit an Oral Surgeon in Union City

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial (OMF) Surgeons, 9 out of 10 people experience an impacted wisdom tooth. The risk of persistent infections and jaw pain without wisdom tooth extraction is a serious decision to make. Before deciding against removal, speak with a reputable OMF surgeon about your wisdom teeth and current oral health situation.

Hundreds of people undergo wisdom tooth extraction every year to protect their smile and overall dental health. Dr. Nancy Herbst of Union City Oral Surgery brings her over 25 years of experience to her practice and offers her patients the best results possible by using the most up-to-date techniques available. Her recognized skill and training earned her the title of one of New Jersey’s top dentists in 2016. Contact our office today at (201) 601-9262 to schedule an examination and discuss your wisdom tooth treatment options.

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