What Are Common Reasons Patients Need Bone Grafting?

November 28, 2019 by Union City

If you just arrived at your dental office and heard the term “bone grafting” being mentioned, you might be wondering what it is and why someone might need one. A bone graft is an oral surgical procedure that replaces and repairs missing bone in your mouth. 

Oral surgeons perform bone grafts for a variety of reasons. Before you schedule your bone graft surgery, it’s important to know why you need one. Here are a few of the most common reasons why dentists recommend bone grafts.

How do Bone Grafts Help Periodontal Inflammation?

Periodontal inflammation (or inflammation of the gums) can be caused by gum disease such as gingivitis. When inflammation goes untreated, it can cause long-term issues such as tooth loss or tooth decay. If periodontal inflammation has been an ongoing issue for you, a dentist might recommend a bone graft to repair current bone loss due to tooth loss and to prevent further damage.

What Connects Tooth Abscesses to a Bone Graft?

An abscessed tooth is a serious issue that can be life-threatening if left untreated. Tooth abscesses are pockets of infection that form under a tooth. Abscesses can be extremely painful and make it difficult to perform normal activities such as eating and speaking. It’s not uncommon for untreated abscesses to cause damage to the jawbone. When this happens, a bone graft is recommended.

Why Are Bone Grafts Used for Dental Implants?

Any time a person loses a tooth, it should be replaced to prevent future tooth loss and bone decay. Dental implants are one of the most common ways oral surgeons replace missing teeth. A bone graft fosters bone regeneration that helps dental implants take hold. If you’re scheduled for an implant, you might need a bone graft procedure as well.

How Can Bone Grafts Fight Dental Tumors?

There are a wide variety of dental tumors that can cause issues in your mouth. Both benign and cancerous tumors can create gum loss, tooth loss, and bone degeneration. After a tumor has been treated, an oral surgeon might notice a need for a bone graft to prevent further damage to the mouth. Once the bone graft is performed, an oral surgeon will monitor the area to ensure it heals appropriately.

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When you come to us for your bone grafting procedure, we will walk with you through the entire process and answer all your questions. Once your surgery is over, we will help you through your post-operative care instructions and ensure your mouth heals as it should.

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