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dental office in paterson njWhen faced with a medical or cosmetic oral health or facial condition that needs professional treatment your regular dentist cannot perform, an oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMF) often is the best option. OMF surgeons are regularly sought out every year by dental patients who suffer from a variety of conditions their normal physician can’t treat. The level of training and experience required to diagnose and address a complicated dental or facial injury is extremely high, and this field of medicine meets this requirement.  

No matter your age group, if you need additional care for oral health issues your current Paterson area doctor can’t provide, OMF surgery is a viable option. It doesn’t matter if these conditions were a result of an accident or birth defect; oral and maxillofacial care may benefit you greatly. For those that suffer from facial deformities, chronic mouth pain, traumatic injuries to the face or wisdom teeth problems, an OMF surgeon can provide a level of care you can’t find elsewhere. Take it seriously if your physician refers you to this type of specialty care as it’s important to follow through on recommended care. 

Typical OMF Surgery Care

If your dentist has made a recommendation for cosmetic or medical procedures for your teeth or face, visit a reputable OMF surgeon to undergo any needed treatment. Many times, we give in to procrastinating urgent care for oral health conditions we are experiencing. 

Don’t put off getting assessed and treated as conditions can become complicated quickly and cause a lifetime of issues. Compassionate oral surgeons like Dr. Nancy Herbst of Union City Oral Surgery are there to help you deal with fear by educating and answering any concerns you have about the procedure you need.

OMF Medical Procedures

Dr. Herbst has performed OMF medical procedures in the Paterson area for more than 25 years and offers a wide array of treatment options for all age groups and needs. Below are just a few of the many surgeries she performs for her patients:

Her focus on providing compassionate care and educating her patients makes her a premier oral and maxillofacial practice provider in the state of New Jersey. 

Cosmetic Procedures Are Part of OMF Care

Paterson residents rely on OMF surgeons for cosmetic procedures since many facial conditions can contribute to your overall dental health. Those needing a cosmetic procedure to simply remove a few wrinkles or have a sinus lift performed to improve breathing can go to doctors like Dr. Herbst for both medical and cosmetic care. 

OMF practices are ideal since they received intensive training on how the mouth and face work together and have an overall effect on the body’s health. Some typical cosmetic procedures you can receive at Union City Oral Surgery include:

  • Tooth contouring
  • Oculoplastics
  • Botox
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Composite bonding
  • Gum grafting

With her years of service demonstrating her ethic to keeping patients comfortable and happy with their surgery results, Dr. Nancy Herbst is an ideal choice for OMF care. Don’t put off your needed treatment or procedure any longer. Now is the time to schedule an appointment.

Trusted Oral Surgery Center in Paterson

Patients that need the highest quality OMF surgery care in Paterson should schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Herbst at Union City Oral Surgery right away. With cutting edge technology and using the latest approaches to treatment, you will receive a thorough assessment and explanation of your condition, how to treat it, and what your next steps are. We take the time to get to know you as a person and conduct a thorough background on your medical history so we can match the best care options with your needs.

Dr. Herbst of Union City Oral Surgery is an oral surgeon recognized once again as one of New Jersey Trend’s Top Dentists, with the expertise you need to have a successful surgery. Our commitment to giving our patients the best diagnosis and treatment experience will leave you feeling confident in our care. Contact us at (201) 601-9262 to schedule your consultation today.

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