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When to See an Oral Surgery Specialist in East Orange

East Orange Oral SurgeryWhether you have a cosmetic facial condition or a dental health issue needing surgical care, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMF) can help. Surgery isn’t always something we think of when needing care for our teeth and related facial injuries. OMF professionals have specialized training to treat conditions your regular dentist may not have the ability to manage.

Having the ability to treat patients of all age groups is another advantage when deciding to visit an OMF surgeon for your oral health needs. There are many reasons why an individual may pick this field of surgery for their care, including:  

  •     Facial deformities
  •     Traumatic facial injuries
  •     Impacted wisdom teeth
  •     Sleep apnea
  •     Botox
  •     Chronic mouth pain

 If your regular physician or dental provider recommends you visit an oral surgeon, it’s important to choose a surgical office that has the reputation, experience, and training to meet your needs.

Common Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Procedures

Medical and cosmetic needs are the top health issues that make OMF surgeons popular among patients needing surgery. As mentioned before, there are two major reasons for a visit to an oral surgeon: medical and cosmetic. From jawbone restoration to dental implants, there are numerous treatment options available at an oral and maxillofacial practice that may not be at standard dental surgery practices.

Don’t neglect medical conditions and suffer needless complications or risk further injury; start planning your East Orange OMF consultation as soon as possible after receiving a referral from your doctor.

Medical Procedures At Union City Oral Surgery

Longtime OMF surgeon Dr. Nancy Herbst has proudly served the East Orange area for the past 25 years. She uses her exceptional dental experience to help patients of all ages regarding their much-needed medical procedures. Her dedication to providing an outstanding surgical experience ensures those under her care are comfortable and walk out of her office loving their results. Typical dental and facial treatments and surgeries she performs include:  

  •   Dental implants
  •   Bone grafting
  •   Corrective jaw surgery
  •   Pre-prosthetic surgery
  •   Oral cancer screening
  •   Wisdom tooth removal
  •   Facial reconstruction surgery

Residents in the East Orange area may also consult with Union City Oral Surgery for vital cosmetic procedures to improve their overall health and restore confidence in their appearance. Dr. Herbst is a trusted oral surgeon for these treatment options because of her extensive medical experience in this important area of medicine.  

Some of the most common cosmetic procedures are:  

  •     Botox
  •     Oculoplastics
  •     Rhinoplasty
  •     Composite bonding
  •     Gum grafting
  •     Tooth contouring

 It’s essential that you take the time to research and learn more about the practice you’re trusting with your dental and cosmetic procedures. At Union City Oral Surgery, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us and have all of your questions about your treatment needs answered ahead of surgery. Our friendly staff wants to educate you about your care, the long-term impact you can expect after your surgery, and how to maintain your health in the future. 

East Orange Oral Surgeons You Can Trust

Protecting and maintaining your oral health is critical when researching and consulting with an oral surgeon in East Orange. A consultation is a must when selecting the OMF surgeon that will perform your dental or cosmetic procedure. You should expect not only to learn what your upcoming surgery involves, but also share your medical history to ensure the best surgical experience possible.  

Trust Dr. Nancy Herbst and the compassionate staff of Union City Oral Surgery to assist you throughout your surgery and aftercare. We are here to support you every step of the way during your care so you can recover quickly and enjoy the final results of your treatment. As one of New Jersey Trend’s Top Dentists of 2019, Dr. Nancy Herbst has the extensive background and experience you need. Call (201) 601-9262 or complete our contact form to schedule your appointment today!

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