The idea of having dental implants makes some dental patients hesitant, due to the belief that the process is time-consuming and takes too many steps to complete. At Union City Oral Surgery, we empathize with this anxiety and are proud to offer a revolutionary new treatment option called Teeth-in-an-Hour. This cutting edge dental implant technology makes it possible to restore fully functional teeth in about an hour. 

Teeth-in-an-Hour Is A Quick Solution for Missing Teeth

When patients first hear the name of this dental implant option, they immediately wonder just how permanent of a solution this product really is. Teeth-in-an-Hour utilizes a radiographic method that helps to create precise implant surgical placement. By creating a 3-D image on sophisticated computer software, our office can map out the entire structure of your mouth, including bone density. This helps us create the positioning and replacement tooth before surgery.

There are a few limitations involved with Teeth-in-an-Hour treatment implant options which involve the ability for a patient’s mouth to support a replacement prosthesis. Generally, for an individual with missing teeth to receive this type of fast tooth replacement service, they must:

  • Have a jawbone that is healthy and strong
  • Have any extractions or grafting procedures completed ahead of undergoing Teeth-in-an-Hour care

What To Expect During a Teeth-in-an-Hour Procedure

missing tooth

Whether you need one tooth, multiple, or your entire mouth replaced, Teeth-in-an-Hour has solutions for almost any situation. One of the most appealing features of this fast dental implant procedure has to do with the reduced healing time due to the exact fit approach of the technique. This process requires careful assessment of bone density and mouth structure to make it all possible. 

The primary steps to the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure go as follows:

  • It all begins with an evaluation and x-rays of your current oral condition to ensure you’re a good candidate for this procedure
  • High precision imaging is necessary, so you will undergo a CT-scan
  • Using 3-D computer software, a virtual model of your jaw is created
  • This information then gets sent to Nobel Biocare, the company behind the Teeth-in-an-Hour technology
  • Once analyzed and processed, Nobel Biocare sends a precise surgical guide and the needed implants
  • Your oral surgeon will surgically install the implants while avoiding the need for sutures or creating discomfort
  • Now that the implants are in, you will have your new teeth fitted

The swiftness of this procedure has amazed many patients who now recommend it to anyone in their situation. It has created a process that allows patients to resume their normal lives again shortly after tooth loss, all the while avoiding the traditional side effects of swelling and pain.

Benefits of Teeth-in-an-Hour

Seeing how quickly this missing tooth replacement option can be conducted creates an invaluable benefit, but there are other key advantages to consider. The popularity of this product continues to grow because:

  • Surgical procedures for Teeth-in-an-Hour™ only take about an hour
  • There are no incisions which means there are no sutures
  • Pain, swelling and other discomfort is barely noticeable
  • You don’t need frequent follow-up visits
  • Your new teeth will look and feel natural because of the customized process
  • Your new smile will look good and function normally right away

Patients that dread long amounts of time spent in a dental chair will also find that the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure is quick and nearly painless. This eliminates additional anxiety and allows one to enjoy an exceptional dental care experience. 

Teeth-in-an-Hour Implant Surgeons in Union City

As you can see, replacing missing teeth with dental implants is an amazing mix of science and art that utilizes the engineering skills of your oral healthcare provider. It’s important that you choose the right oral surgeon who appreciates the importance of aesthetics when creating your implants and other restoration techniques. This knowledge and training are why many dental patients rely on Dr. Nancy Herbst of Union City Oral Surgery to perform dental implant surgery.

Dr. Herbst offers state-of-the-art technology to bring her patients comfort and exceptional results. Her recognition as one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists of 2016 and 2019 highlights the trust and satisfaction her clients have in her ability to create excellent implant experiences. The team at Union City Oral Surgery strives to give you the best patient care with the latest technology and methods.  To schedule an appointment at our office, contact us at (201) 601-9262.


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