Replacing Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, the logical next step may be to replace them. Not only can missing teeth be essential to the way you look, but a gap in your teeth may also affect the way you speak and chew food. Replacing missing teeth is a standard procedure, but educating yourself on the different types of replacement is always wise. The experts at Union City Oral Surgery have taken the liberty of outlining the three most common tooth replacement options and what they entail.


A dental implant is the most common tooth replacement option which often feels the most natural to patients. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw where they serve as an anchor for the false tooth.

Placing a dental implant into the mouth is a process. First, the implant must be surgically placed into the jaw bone. It then takes some time for the swelling to reduce and healing to take place. When the jaw heals the bone grows around the implant, locking it into place.

While the healing process is taking place, a dental lab will create a custom crown (or fake tooth) to be inserted in the anchor. Once the healing is complete and the tooth built, the dentist places the tooth into the mouth.


oral surgery to replace missing teeth new jerseyA bridge fills a gap with the support of the adjacent teeth. The natural teeth surrounding the space are shaved and contoured down, leaving room for a cap to sit on top. The caps act as a support to the false tooth that is placed in the space, creating a bridge.

Bridge replacement procedures can take multiple visits to the dentist, as it requires a lab to create custom teeth for insertion. First, the dentist will shave down the teeth adjacent to the hole and prepare them for their caps. The dentist then takes an impression of the teeth and gap to be sent off to a lab. On the last visit, the bridge is fitted and placed into the mouth.

Partial or Complete Dentures

Dentures can fill the gaps in your mouth by holding false teeth in a plastic or metal encasement. Partial and complete dentures can be taken out for cleaning, and typically aren’t worn 24 hours a day.

Dentures can feel strange at the beginning, but your dentist will be sure to create an imprint of your teeth to maximize comfort. As you age and your dentures wear, they may no longer fit and break. The constant refitting and remaking can be a disadvantage to choosing dentures as a tooth replacement option.

Whatever way you decide to replace your missing teeth is up to you. An essential step in tooth replacement is finding a reputable oral surgeon to complete the procedure. The team at Union City Oral Surgery strives to give you the best patient care with the latest technology and methods. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (201) 601-9262.

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