When you and your dentist decide it is time for you to take next steps in your oral care plan for dentures, implants, bridges, or other prosthetics, it is necessary to prepare your mouth ahead of time. The preparation of your mouth prior to placing new prosthesis is known as pre-prosthetic surgery.

Pre-prosthetic surgery is usually a minor surgical procedure which is required in order to create a good fit of new dentures or implants, but also ensures comfort is achieved. It might require one or several different procedures to prepare your mouth for new prosthetics. These could include surgical options like the removal of excess bone, jawbone smoothing, or removing excess gum tissue.

Bone Smoothing and Reshaping

When your dentist wants to provide you with the best fitting denture, your bone might need smoothing or reshaping from any extractions you had performed. Tooth extractions can leave your jawbone uneven where the tooth used to be, so this form of pre-prosthetic surgery is vital for a secure fitting prosthetic.

Removal of Excess Bone

removal of excess bone in mouthExcess bone in the mouth and jaw sometimes needs to be removed in order for prosthetics to fit properly. Since these types of excess bone issues can range in size, they don’t always have to be removed. Smaller instances of excess can simply be worked around by the dentist, but medium to larger sizes will likely be removed to prevent an ill fit. It is not unusual for an experienced oral surgeon to perform this procedure. Typically, it gets done at the same time as an extraction.

There are certain types of extra bone issues that require additional surgical appointments and might be more difficult to remove. This could involve locations that are found inside the lower ridge area by the tongue or up by the cheek. There can also be excess bone growth on the roof of your mouth, and depending on the location and size, it might need removal as well.

Removal of Excess Gum Tissue

Another pre-prosthetic surgery that might be necessary is the removal of excess gum tissue. This condition can sometimes be caused by denture that hasn’t been fitting correctly and over time wearing it led to the production of extra folds in the gum, cheek, and/or lip tissue. Your oral surgeon will recommend removal of this extra tissue weeks in advance so that new dentures will fit comfortably once healed.  

Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Exposing an impacted tooth is the first step to positioning a necessary tooth that cannot naturally grow. These type of teeth are stuck in the gum and thus cannot be used. Often, pre-prosthetic surgery is needed to remove the tooth or to help it erupt in its proper position to prevent future complications and allow for a good fitting prosthetic once healed. An example of this situation would be when dealing with wisdom teeth. These types of teeth require an oral surgeon to remove or position them so that they can come through to their appropriate location in the mouth.

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