Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology Explained

In general terms, pathology is the study of disease, therefore oral pathology is the study of diseases in the mouth. Oral pathologists are pain disorder and disease experts in terms of those that affect the facial and mouth areas. New Jersey oral surgeon, Nancy Herbst, DDS, has oral pathologists whom she works with closely to identify facial or oral abnormalities. She then goes in and treats the issue by removing the affected bone or tissue to prevent the problem from recurring. Any significant malformation or defect is then treated by Dr. Nancy Herbst.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

Oral cancer is also a part of oral pathology. Some mouth cancer symptoms can only be identified by an oral surgeon; however, you should be somewhat aware of them. One of the most common is sores or lumps forming in your oral cavity. Some others include:

  • White or red mouth patches
  • Gum lining lumps
  • White or red oral cavity patches
  • Chewing or swallowing issues
  • Slow-healing/quick-bleeding sores

Diagnosing Oral Abnormalities

An oral & maxillofacial surgeon should evaluate and biopsy all abnormal lesions or findings present for over two weeks. One performs a biopsy by taking out a tiny portion of a lesion for the lab to evaluate and diagnose.  The wisdom tooth may be to blame for any other cysts or legions. These often go unnoticed until a routine x-ray is performed.

How Are They Treated?

Treatment for oral abnormalities is often decided on a patient to patient basis. The reason for this is because oral pathology is a broad and general science that deals with diseases in the mouth as a whole rather than any specific issue. Contact our offices if you believe that you have any symptoms or signs of mouth cancer. This includes lesions that seem out of the ordinary.

Jaw Tumors and Bone Cysts

Tumors and cysts have the potential of forming in the jaw bone. This may not be as common as other oral abnormalities, but cases have been reported. These tumors or cysts can exist without one noticing as they do not have any known symptoms; they are commonly discovered during routine x-rays. It isn’t uncommon for the tumors or cysts to get noticeably large which can incite unbearable pain and even disfigurement. Malignant or benign lesions may also appear on the soft tissues of the oral cavity. All jaw or mouth lesions must be evaluated and possibly biopsied.

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