Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

Jawbone deterioration occurs when your jaw experiences bone loss due to one or a combination of different factors. Because this condition can occur rapidly, maintaining a healthy jawbone is critical in avoiding future oral health complications and support your existing teeth.

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What causes jawbone loss

There are numerous factors that can bring on bone loss or deterioration in your jaw. Fortunately, these issues can be treated by an experienced oral surgeon with great success.

Patients understanding the reasons behind jawbone loss are key in helping prevent it from occurring, to begin with. Conditions that can lead to deterioration or even loss of bone in your jaw include:

Periodontal disease –  this is also called gum disease and can cause issues such as gingivitis, gum inflammation, tooth loss, and other aggressive diseases which can seriously damage the bone that supports your teeth.

Tooth trauma – When a patient’s tooth is forcefully knocked out of a socket, the ending result can be a lack of growth or stimulation in the jawbone. Specifically, the lack of stimulation of the bone will result in some level of deterioration in the traumatized area.

Bite abnormalities – One’s “bite” is the way in which teeth fit together when being used. This is also known as occlusion. Those who have a long-time bite abnormality can develop a level of bite force that will disrupt how the upper and lower teeth in the mouth interact. This imbalance can result in bone deterioration occurring in certain teeth.

Extractions – When a tooth is removed but no implant or bone graft is performed, the affected jawbone will begin deteriorating quickly afterward. This result is why it is imperative to try and avoid jawbone loss by getting the tooth replaced as soon as possible.

Bridgework and denturesRoutine treatments for replacing missing teeth with things like dentures or bridgework can create conditions that bring on jawbone loss. Bridgework can potentially cause this condition due to the appliance only being anchored on opposite sides of a gap between teeth. It has no stimulating effect on the area being bridged because there is no direct contact to the gumline. On the other hand, certain types of dentures do not stimulate your jawbone either. Unanchored dentures, for example, don’t stimulate jaws bone growth. By design, they only sit on the top of your gums and don’t offer any needed stimulation.

Bone Grafts Help Reverse Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

Since bone loss can be caused by previous extractions, gum disease, congenital disabilities, or injury, a bone graft is the course of treatment you might need to undergo to rebuild your jawbone. This procedure helps to create the support necessary for oral surgeons to later install dental implants, craft secure fitting dentures, and restore functionality to the mouth. It can repair the parts of the mouth with inadequate bone support which need to be prepared for future dental implants. After this procedure has been performed, your jawbone should be rebuilt over the course of a couple months so you will be ready for the next steps in your dental plan.

Fortunately, at Union City Oral Surgery, we have different types of bone grafting material available for your needs that include cutting-edge materials to encourage a quicker recovery.

Get Help for Your Jawbone Loss and Deterioration

The good news is that bone loss can be prevented and treated easily by an experienced oral surgeon. Union City Oral Surgery has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry and can detect low bone density early on and help you to start taking precautions sooner rather than later. Give us a call today at (201) 601-9262 to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your dental health needs with one of our experienced dental staff. You can also conveniently make an appointment online here.

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