frenectomy surgery in nycA frenectomy is a procedure that experienced oral maxillofacial surgeons use to correct lingual or labial frenum issues. Frenum’s are attachments of muscular tissue between two other tissues found in the mouth. These are usually found connecting cheeks and lips or inside the mouth and gums. Frenum that are abnormally sized sometimes interfere with movement, oral functions, and appearance.

Labial Frenectomy

A labial frenectomy is a procedure performed to eliminate a gap that occurred when a patient’s upper front teeth grew. When a frenum affects gum development or causes a gap between the front teeth, a patient might be experiencing:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Lack of confidence when smiling
  • Alignment issues
  • Receding gum tissue around the gap

If the patient is a child who has not grown in their permanent front teeth, dentists typically prefer waiting for these teeth to come in and correct the problem. If this does not occur, a frenectomy and the use of braces to fix the gap might be recommended.

Lingual Frenectomy (Tongue Tie)

Sometimes, lower tissue attaches itself between the tongue and the floor of the mouth, or even to the gum behind the lower front teeth. This kind of frenum may become oversized or is too short which can cause several issues such as:

  • Eating problems
  • Discomfort
  • Social issues
  • Speech difficulties

Those who have this type of lingual frenum issues should contact a reputable oral maxillofacial surgeon to correct this issue. Typical treatment involves pain management options like nitrous gas or numbing and the use of a laser to quickly remove the attachment and cauterize the wound. Recovery usually involves little pain and couple post-op check-ups with your surgeon to make sure everything healed correctly.

Benefits of Frenectomy

Whether the patient is six-years-old or fifty, the relief brought by a lingual or labial frenectomy for those suffering from frenum attachment can be life-changing.

Some of the additional benefits experienced by those who undergo a labial frenectomy include:

  • Reduction of oral discomfort
  • Improvement of facial features due to the upper gap being eliminated
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Enhanced bite function
  • Stabilization of dentures for denture wearers

Patients who have their tongue ties released experience a better quality of life, but they also enjoy extra benefits from the procedure. For those who undergo a lingual frenectomy, some of these additional benefits include:

  • Improved communication and expression
  • Improved appetite as a result of eating properly
  • Speech improvement
  • Elimination of oral discomfort

Speak with An Oral Surgeon Today

For those who are experiencing oral problems due to attached frenum, a highly trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help you find relief. The long-term effects of a tongue tie or front tooth gap on a patient’s life can be relieved with a relatively quick procedure.

Dr. Nancy Herbst of Union City Oral Surgery has over 25 years of experience helping New Jersey dental patients learn more about frenum related issues, the treatment options available, and get the surgery needed to correct the problem. Her office’s state-of-the-art technology helps patients have a comfortable medical experience and get them the best results possible. Contact her office today at (201) 601-9262 to schedule an appointment and learn how our office can help you improve your oral health.

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