Replacing Upper and Lower Teeth

When one has lost numerous teeth and must replace them, many patients count on full denture sets. Generally, dental patients have no issues using an upper denture to replace missing teeth, but some do struggle with daily wear or being able to eat normally with lower dentures.

There are plenty of options with today’s’ technology to replace upper and lower teeth without using a set of dentures. Some options to replace missing teeth utilize implant-supported dentures that many oral and maxillofacial surgeons in New Jersey can provide their patients.

Ball-retained Dentures

Out of the several options available, ball-retained dentures only require the installation of two dental implants in the lower jawbone and a snap-on denture to connect to them. This method makes chewing with the lower jaw more stable than a denture without implants. Shifting of the denture is possible, as are sore spots. Additionally, small food particles like rice may slide under the denture. Ball-retained dentures do require occasional appointments for adjustments as deemed necessary by your dentist.

Bar-retained Denture

Bar-retained dentures use retention clips inside the mouth that clasp onto a support bar, which in turn helps the denture snap in place. Patients require four to six dental implants to support a bar-retained denture. The jaw shape or size will determine the precise amount. The support bar is put in place once the patient has recovered from the initial installation of the clips. Afterward, the patient can simply snap the lower denture in place.

The overall stability of bar-retained dentures exceeds that of ball-retained dentures. Shifting of the dentures is minimal despite how easy the denture can be removed for cleaning and adjustments.

Screw-retained Denture

One can have a permanent denture installed on top of five or more implants that either screw or clasp it to surgically installed support posts or a retainment bar. This type of denture can be cleaned from underneath since the prosthesis doesn’t touch the gum line. This is a popular option for patients who don’t mind a more complicated cleaning routine and want a permanent fix for all their missing lower teeth. This denture cannot be removed except for maintenance visits at the dental office.

Denture-Attached Individual Implants

fixing missing upper and lower teeth with denture implantsIf you want the most realistic smile to replace your missing teeth, individually replacing them all with dental implants is the way to go; however, this is the most cost-intensive option. Individual implants most closely resemble natural teeth because they appear grow out of the gums. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon must install a minimum of eight individual tooth implants to complete this procedure. These implants receive separate abutments or supports. Once in they are in place, a crown must be made for each of your missing teeth and put in place on the posts.

Sinus grafting for bone support and height strength happens by joining the teeth together. Your surgeon will determine the exact number of implants the size and shape of your jaw can support, which will affect the precise cost of the procedure.

Can I Replace My Missing Upper Teeth?

The treatment options for your upper jaw are much the same, though more implants are usually required due the upper jawbone being softer than the lower. It is even possible to not need a full covering denture on the roof of your mouth, but this depends on how many implants are inserted. The denture itself will be removable, so the support bar and denture are cleaned more easily.

New Jersey Oral Surgeons Apply Implant-supported Dentures

When you need help replacing missing teeth, consult a reputable oral surgeon  to understand what options are possible for your situation. Implant-supported denture solutions are affected by limited jawbone mass, and other grafting procedures might be necessary first.

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