Multiple Extractions

After The Removal of Multiple Teeth

Further minimal bleeding may occur after an oral procedure. Patients experiencing bleeding should place gauze on the bleeding area, using their teeth to apply pressure for 30 mins. A wet black tea bag can be used in place of the gauze if the bleeding does not cease. The tea bag contains tannic acid known for tightening blood vessels which then creates clots.

If Bleeding Continues

  • teeth extraction surgeryDo not drink hot liquids
  • Do not exercise
  • Elevate your head
  • If bleeding still does not cease, contact our office as soon as possible

The immediate denture should not be removed, however, only in cases of severe bleeding. Also, Some oozing can be expected around the edges of the immediate denture itself.

For Pain Relief

  • Utilize ice packs on the outside of the cheek to help sooth the operated area, applying for up to only 36 hours. Ice can be used throughout the day while awake.
  • Take two tablets of pain reliever, Tylenol for example, every three to four hours a day to alleviate any mild discomfort. 2 – 3 200mg pills of Motrin or Advil can also be taken in the same time frame.
  • If experiencing high levels of pain, your doctor is likely to prescribe you medication to help alleviate the pain. If two days have passed and the pain has not subsided or has increased, or increased do not hesitate to contact our office. Any prescribed antibiotics should be taken until completed. Stop the use of any antibiotics if you have an allergic reaction.

Rinsing Your Mouth

Rinsing your mouth on the same day and the following day after your surgery should be avoided. Also, rinsing should be avoided if you are experiencing bleeding. The second day after your procedure, rinse your mouth with a mixture of salt and warm water, 1 tsp of salt & one cup of warm water, every four hrs and after eating. By doing this, you will rid your mouth of any food particles that may infect the surgical area. Once you have had the denture adjusted by your dentist, you can then remove the denture and begin rinsing your mouth three to four times daily.

Drinking and Eating

Drink copious amounts of liquids to replaced blood/fluids lost during the procedure. Consuming 6 to 8 glasses of fluids is recommended on the following day after your operation.

During the early stages of your healing process, restrict yourself to eating softer foods. Eating soft foods will prevent any further damage the operated area. As the wound heals, you can resume eating more solid foods.

The Healing Process

Having more than two teeth removed in one operation creates a different set of circumstances as compared to just extracting one to two teeth. The bone must be molded and smoothed before a denture can be inserted resulting in the following normal conditions:

  • Swelling of the operated area for up to two days.
  • The patient may also experience swelling and discoloration around the eyes. In that instance, continuously apply a warm and moist towel over your eyes, 36 hrs following the surgery, to remove any discoloration.
  • Due to the proximity of your ear and throat muscles to the extraction site, a painful sore throat may develop. A sore throat is entirely normal. Swelling should recede within two to three days.
  • The stretching of the corners of your mouth during surgery may cause dryness and cracking of the lips. Use ointments like Vaseline to moisturize your lips.
  • Elevation in temperature for twenty-four to forty-eight hours may occur. If this does not subside or if your temperature remains elevated after two days, contact our office.

Your doctor may insert immediate dentures which can cause sore spots to develop. Your dentist should see you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours post surgery to adjust these dentures which will relieve the sore spots. Not adjusting the dentures can cause painful denture sores, prolonging the healing process. Union City Oral Surgery Dr. Nancy Herbst was chosen as a Jersey Choice Top Dentist in 2018. With over 25 years of experience as an oral surgeon, she’s prepared to take on your oral and maxillofacial surgery needs. Contact her office to learn more, and schedule an appointment today.

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