Determining Whether You Need Dental Implants

September 13, 2019 by Union City

Throughout life, a common dental issue is the loss of a tooth and determining how to replace it. There are many reasons why we lose these vital pieces of our smile. From gum disease to trauma to the mouth or face, loss of teeth can have a devastating impact on your overall health in the long run if not taken care of right away. That’s why it’s imperative to speak with a highly trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon to learn what options are available to fix the damage done.

Your chosen dental care provider will likely discuss several options that may work to correct your situation. Depending on whether you’re missing one tooth or several, you might need a dental implant procedure to offer a more natural-looking and feeling result.

Understanding Dental Implants

For a total tooth replacement, many dentists and oral surgeons would recommend a dental implant. Nothing is quite as secure as a real tooth, and implants come the closest to producing the same experience because they are similarly designed. 

A natural tooth has a root to lock it into place, while the crown does the work of chewing and biting. An implant uses a post that appears similar to a small screw, which functions as a root. Once in place, your oral surgeon will place the abutment and attach a crown so that you will have full functionality again in your mouth. 

The only true difference between teeth and implants are the materials that make them what they are. Dental professionals use only the highest quality materials like titanium posts for this type of tooth replacement option so that they will stand the test of time for many years. 

Why Dental Implants Are Amazing

The list may seem endless when comparing dental implants to traditional dentures, bridges, or just living with the empty space in your mouth. Aside from the obvious benefit of them being the most secure replacement option, you should consider these other amazing benefits when trying to decide how to fix your smile.

Prevents Shifting of Your Teeth

Most mouths that are full of teeth have a fair amount of pressure throughout, and when you lose a tooth, this allows gradual movement of teeth. This can lead to bite issues, cleaning difficulty, and expensive orthodontic care in the future.

Dental Implants Help Minimize Jawbone Loss

Our natural teeth and their roots provide stimulation to our jaw which keeps bone mass healthy. When we have lost a tooth and do nothing, or only replace it with a denture, our jawbone begins to slowly deteriorate. Dental implants act like our roots and keep our body regenerating crucial density in our jaws.

Dental Implants Have Fewer Complications Than Dentures

While traditional dentures may offer a more economical price tag, many patients experience some form of complication as a result of wearing them. From a poor fit to sunken facial features, wearing dentures require a lot more upkeep compared to dental implants.

Restore Your Facial Appearance With Dental Implants

If you have ever met someone with multiple missing teeth, you might notice that their cheeks might appear sunken. This is a symptom of a gradual loss of bone from losing those vital pearly whites. Dental implants require installation of posts in the jawbone, which in turn, stimulates additional growth and helps to minimize any weakening in density.

Reclaim Your Smile With Dental Implants

Whether you’re missing teeth because of ongoing periodontitis or you got hurt during a competitive sporting match, it’s critical that you replace any lost teeth as soon as possible. Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon to assess and recommend the best replacement option. If dental implants are on the top of your list, make sure the doctor you choose has the necessary skills and training to bring you the best care possible.

At Union City Oral Surgery, we offer state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques in dental care to ensure you receive an exceptional experience in our care. We will introduce you to Dr. Nancy Herbst, our oral and maxillofacial (OMF) surgeon with more than 25 years of experience serving New Jersey patients in this field.  As one of Jersey Choice’s Top Dentists, she prioritizes your needs and comfort when taking care of your dental implant procedure. 

Contact our office at (201) 601-9262 right away to begin replacing any missing teeth and rejuvenate your face and smile.

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