Could Your Headaches Be Caused by Tooth Pain?

May 7, 2019 by Union City

Individuals who suffer from regular headaches may not realize that our oral health can have a direct impact on more than just our teeth. If you have frequent headaches that seem never to go away or return regularly, you may want to put aside your over-the-counter pain relief for a moment and consult with your dentist.

Cavity Size Doesn’t Effect Headache Frequency

In our craniums, there is a nerve called the trigeminal, which directly affects the sensations we feel in our teeth, nasal cavities, and some parts of our face. It also has involvement with the muscles of the mouth and jaw, which may cause an overlap in sensory information. With all of the different facial processes that it influences, it’s not uncommon for this overlap to result in a massive headache because of a small cavity somewhere in your mouth. Temperature sensitivity may turn into sensitive pain that encompasses your entire upper or lower jaw.

Many general dentists understand this complex neurological relationship but may refer you to an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon for treatment. OMF surgeons not only have the specialized training to address the issue but understand that everyone’s experience may have different symptoms for the same issue.

Advanced Tooth Decay Contributes to the Problem

Another contributing factor to the relationship between your oral health and recurrent headaches may have nothing to do with neurological complications at all. Tooth decay is one of the more likely culprits behind your discomfort because of the effects it has on your oral health.

Aggravating symptoms like inflammation, infection, uneven jaw pressure and alignment all add stress on your jaw and surrounding muscle which can result in throbbing head pains. Pay close attention for these symptoms in your mouth as they may indicate a larger dental complication you should have treated right away.

If you have aching teeth that need treatment you have put off for a while and now have developed regular headaches, you may have a serious infection that has spread. Infected teeth don’t just keep infections localized around it alone; pushing off critical dental care can transform a normally easily resolved health issue into a complicated problem that could cost even more to fix.

Other Causes of Dental-Related Headaches

Oral health and headaches go hand in hand more than many of us realize. Other factors that can contribute to headaches include:

If you thought that crossed nerves and tooth decay were the only ways that your oral health could influence your headaches, think again. Several dental appliances can help resolve many of these conditions, and sometimes just a short orthodontic plan or simply updating your current dentures may relieve these headaches once and for all. Occasionally, surgical options may offer the best solution, so speaking with a knowledgeable OMF surgeon about your condition is wise.

Stop Dental Headaches Today

You know your body better than anyone, and if you experience mild to severe headaches regularly, it’s essential to get appropriate treatment. Health studies have shown the significant impact our oral health has on the rest of our body, and seemingly minor mouth issues can lead to more severe problems later. Ask your regular dentist about speaking with an OMF provider today for further evaluation if nothing else is solving the issue.

Although there are many types of common issues that cause frequent headache pain, Union City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is here to help eliminate those that stem from dental health problems. Having received recognition as one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists, you can have confidence in Dr. Nancy Herbst’s commitment to giving you an exceptional treatment experience with the newest technology available. Her more than 25 years of practice brings a depth of knowledge to your treatment plan that you can trust. To learn more about the different procedures we offer and to set up your consultation, please schedule online or call (201) 601-9262.

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